Facial Fractures

A fractured nose can create problems with appearance and breathing. After examining the fracture your surgeon may decide that surgery is necessary to help the fracture heal.

What does the treatment involve?

The surgery takes place under a general anaesthetic, which puts you to sleep completely. Your surgeon will put the nose back into the right position, usually without needing to make any cuts. The cartilage of the nose may also have bent and need to be straightened.

Your surgeon may attach a splint made from plaster of Paris or a similar material to help protect your nose after the surgery. This will stay in place for about 10 days and it’s important to keep the dressings dry. If your nose bleeds during surgery, packs will be placed in each nostril. These will be removed the following day.

Most patients spend one night in hospital.

How will I feel after surgery?

You’re likely to feel sore, particularly for the first few days, so your surgeon will organise regular painkillers. Broken noses usually heal without infection so antibiotics are rarely needed.

Any bruising around the eyes will fade over the next two weeks, though the swelling may take longer to disappear completely. Cold compresses and sleeping upright for the first few days after surgery can help the healing process.

Will I need to take any time off work?

We recommend that you take a week off work and avoiding strenuous exercise during this time. It’s important that you don’t drive or operate machinery for 48 hours after a general anaesthetic.

Will I need another appointment?

Before you leave hospital your surgeon will arrange an appointment to remove the splint if you have one and to review the healing process.

Your surgeon will explain all aspects of the procedure and possible outcomes before arranging for you to have surgery. You will also leave hospital with everything you need for further care. If you have any questions or concerns before or after your surgery, please contact the Oral Surgery Implant Group.